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Successful billionaire or aspiring billionaire 

struggling with stress and balance?

Enjoy Greater Health, Wealth, Love, Enlightenment.

"Supporting leaders to design and achieve their highest aspirations synchronistically and miraculously"
Dave Asomaning, Ph.D.
                Executive Coach
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"Since working with Dave, I have served as Chief Financial Officer, an integral member of a three-person leadership team of a $5 billion company, and I have launched and continue to lead a development and investment platform which has successfully executed two transformative projects." 

K. - CEO

"Dave can take one of our coaching discussions (on a topic no matter how big or small or how simple or complex), and break it down to a plan, which makes me a better mother, family member, leader, colleague, and friend. I work in broker distribution with an insurance company doing $10 billion in annual revenue."


J. - SVP and Director 

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